About Us

Felt Flanerie started in 2013, and combines Felt the textile exclusively used and Flanerie the concept of wandering with idealism to give Felt Flanerie its name. I'm a Felt-loving hand-sewing fiend and I started sewing at just 11 years old, taught by my grandmother I carry-on the traditions of sewing textiles and starting sewing plush for design savvy friends, family and co-workers alike. 

Falling in love with felt immediately it was clear it was the right fit, its one of the oldest textiles in world and has been used for everything from clothing, household wares, toys and much more for centuries. Comforting people around the planet for generations as it’s warming, durable and a completely natural textile.

Felt Flanerie may be micro but it's mighty and I love it that way! Have questions don't hesitate to let us know, want to know more about an item, just email,  want something made specially for you or a loved one, just contact us! Absolutely love it when folks engage with us even if it's just to say hello. Love it when y'all say hello!

More about felt: It’s a non-woven fiber which is 100% biodegradable and is LEED(R) approved at 6.0 as it’s a rapidly renewable resource. Our felt is also OEKO-TEX & REACH EN71 approved making it entirely non-toxic not only in to North American standards but for European safety standards ensuring it’s safe for babies and children to play with. And did we mention it’s washable too!

The love for this fiber is enduring and we hope you love how we work with it! There is no custom request that wont be tackled so send your weird, whacky & wonderful ideas and I'll try to bring them to life for you!