About Me


About Felt Flanerie 

/felt/ a fabric made by rolling and pressing wool accompanied by the application of heat or moisture 

/flanerie/ the art of wandering without a care in the world, to be free of worry and full of idealism 

Born with a Vision 

A lifelong sewer, first learning at only 11 years old.  I started Felt Flanerie in 2013. 

       “Sewing is genetic for me; I learned it from my grandmother” 

Felt Flanerie is for everyone and each handmade piece, crafted with 100% wool, care, time, and intentionality, serves as a reminder to stop and smell the roses. In an interview Ondretti was featured in, she explained that creating handcrafted, custom and unique designs can be challenging, but that’s exactly how she likes it. She explained, 

      “I intentionally sew everything by hand to enforce a slowing down and a stopping to smell the flowers approach to life.” 

The idea of flanerie, stopping to embrace life and art, has seeped into every aspect of this business. From choosing only the highest quality products to ensuring that every design is carefully planned and executed, I takes the time needed to make sure the item is exactly how you’d like it and made with the utmost care and concern. 

Changing the World of Home Decor 

It’s now common to find home goods mass-produced, but Felt Flanerie has something different in mind. With custom creations and a limited supply of every item. Everything is made with 100% wool, and is biodegradable. 
When you buy from Felt Flanerie, you aren’t just buying from a small business, you’re supporting a small but mighty mission. At Felt Flanerie, we prioritize sustainable products and work hard to make sure our footprint is small, so that you can rest easy that every gift you give, either to yourself or another, won’t harm the environment. 

Creating Something New Everyday 

Designing unique pieces for everyone has it’s challenges but we like to keep it pretty simple. Whether you have a baby on the way or are looking to add some color to your living room, I can design and create anything you envision. Custom orders are some my favorites to sew!
While Felt Flanerie operates out of San Francisco, California,I am able to coordinate with individuals around North America to create their custom felt good products. 

Ready to Start a Conversation or Look Around? 

Take a peek at our recent collection, we have made to order and ready to ship here on the site, or consider reaching out to us for a special request! We respond to all custom inquiries quickly. Feel free to email us at hello@feltflanerie.com or by filling out the contact form below!