It's Non-Toxic

Is felt non-toxic & safe for babies and children? YES 

Felt Flanerie uses 100% wool felt, and it’s amazing! Outside of being one of the oldest textiles of humankind, used since 300BC. 100% wool felt is OEKO-TEX certified, meaning it’s free of toxic chemical and safe for human use. In addition to this the 100% wool felt we use is also REACH approved, meaning it surpasses EU regulations for products that support living and not the use of chemicals for cheaper production. And there’s more! 100% wool felt that we use is also EN71 approved meaning is also meet EU standards that apply to all toys, ensuring they are safe for children to play with. Specifically non-flammable, free of toxins, free of features that harm small children or babies and do not contain lead or any harmful elements.

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