It's Washable

 Is felt cleanable? YES

Felt Flanerie uses 100% wool felt that is a wonderfully reduced in maintenance and superior to synthetic fibers. Due to the lanolin, which covers the wool fibers with a wax like coating all by sheep’s natural wool coat production, provides it with natural stain resistance. Translating to an easy-to-maintain textile that has a far longer term of use than typical textiles.

However we know life happens so if it’s soiled in any fashion like any natural fiber, a minimal approach should always be taken:

For mini messes

  1. Dust with a lint roller
  2. Vacuum with clean soft brush

For bigger messes

  1. Wash with water & mile detergent and air dry only

For even bigger messes

  1. Wash with chemical remover and air dry only *Always test on an inconspicuous area if you’re worried
  2. And there is always dry cleaning

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