Cloud - Plush Keychain

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Cute, colorful & custom-made, this version of our plush keychain is styled after those big puffy clouds you make daydreams on, in four fun color variants. 

Great for anyone who needs an extra pop of color in their life. Throw it on your purse, knapsack, keyrings, etc. This is a perfect gift for that daydreamer in your circle or someone in your life who needs a little cloud magic. 

We choose the finest felt so that the item is easily washable and made free of toxic chemicals to keep you safe.

✦⟡ As always machine wash on gentle cycle and air dry for big messes, spot clean with mild soap and water for tiny ones. Measures aprx. 4" tall x 3" wide.

✦⟡ Handsewn with DMC embroidery floss & made with OOEEK certified wool felt.

✦⟡ This product is made with two human hands variations in stitching is guaranteed but is heirloom quality if taken care of. 

✦⟡ Like all fabrics, colors will fade if extended sun exposure occurs and will tarnish if kept wet.